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Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain
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The eBook

So, you’ve started playing around with After Effects, maybe watched some YouTube tutorials, and wondering what the next step is? Or perhaps you already know After Effects pretty well, but still feel there’s a gap between you and a ‘real’ motion graphics professional? Well, there is a difference between knowing how to use the software and creating good motion graphics. For the latter, you need to know not just which buttons to click, but also a great deal about design, workflow, and even how your audience’s brain works.

This book is here to bridge the gap between what you can figure out with learning by doing and what you need to know to become a professional motion graphics artist.


Want videos instead of a book? Take a look at our video series Motion Design Essentials. Each episode explains one key concept covered in the book in just one minute. We publish one new episode every Wednesday.

The SARS-CoV-2 Story

When I started working on this eBook, SARS-CoV-2 did not yet exist. As I write these lines (March 24, 2020) the Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, forcing people all over the world to isolate themselves and stay at home to avoid further infections. Unlike most disaster movies, in the face of this disaster mankind has not turned into a crowd of panicking egoists; despite being physically separated, we’ve stuck together and supported each other wherever possible.

If you’re a freelancer and all your bookings were canceled, or you’re a student who’s forced to stay at home, my advice is this: use your time wisely, and learn new skills now! They’ll help you to run a successful business once the Coronavirus no longer dominates our lives. This eBook is my contribution to supporting you in the midst of this crisis. I’m providing it 100% free for everyone, for an unlimited time, and with no strings attached.

What about a Kindle/Android/pdf/... Version?

Other eBook formats like Kindle and pdf unfortunately don't support videos, which are an essential part of this book. For this reason, we don’t support any of these formats. If you have an Apple device, please use the Apple Books version. For all other devices, please use the web browser version of the book, which should work on any modern browser on your phone, tablet and computer. If you want to read offline with a web browser, we also offer the browser version as a zip file. Just unzip it and open the index.html file in your favorite web browser.

If you have an Apple device but live in a region where Apple Books is unavailable, you can download the epub file below and import it into Apple books. You can also try to import this file in other eBook readers - but we warned: many readers don't support the embedded videos. If you have any issues, please use the web browser version instead.

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Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain

Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain

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